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Non-Contact Position Transducer

Product: Blade25

The Blade25 is a non-contact inductive position transducer capable of monitoring up to 25mm of linear travel or 90° of rotation.

  • Measurement Zone: 25mm
  • Movement Type: Linear & Angular
  • V Supply: +4.8V to +32V
  • Outputs: Analogue, PWM, Serial, Switch
  • Sealing: IP67

The Blade25 Position Transducer is a solid-state device, using induction technology to monitor the position of a metallic object ('activator') that is mounted to or machined as part of the moving part of the application.

With a constant air gap between the moving part and the position transducer, mechanical wear of the transducer is eliminated providing excellent long-term reliability even in the most extreme operating environments.

The Blade25 position transducer houses two inductive coils that determine the position of the metallic activator, and has been designed to allow measurement of both linear (up to 25mm) and angular rotation (up to 90° approx) position. It is also possible to monitor non-uniform movement provided that the movement is repeatable.

The position transducer is supplied with 'BladeCOM' calibration software to allow simple reconfiguration of the device. The operational range, switch points, output modes and other advanced parameters can be set from within the software, with the sensor functionality shown via a real-time monitoring and diagnostics display.

Features & Benefits
  • Suitable for Linear (25mm), Angular (90º) or Non-Uniform Position Monitoring
  • IP67 Protected - Suitable for Submersion
  • Suitable for dusty, moist and high vibration environments
  • Not susceptible to presence of magnetic fields
  • Multiple Output Modes - Analogue; PWM; Serial; Switch
  • Free BladeCOM Configuration Software
  • Excellent Long-term reliability (unmatched by contacting potentiometers, LVDTs etc)
Custom Position Sensors

If the Blade25 position transducer is not suitable for your application in its current form we can develop a custom variant of the transducer to perfectly match the requirements of your application. In most cases it is possible to re-house the standard electronics with a custom mechanical packaging solution, reducing the overall position transducer development cost.

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The position transducer monitors the position of the U-shaped 'activator', which is mounted to or machined into the moving part of the application.

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Up to 90° Angular Measurement or 25mm Linear Measurement (configurable)

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See how the Blade25 Position Sensor Works
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// Position Transducer

  • Size: 50.0mm x 40.0mm x 6.0mm (1.97" x 1.57" x 0.24")
  • Weight: 21.0 grams (0.74 ounces)
  • Range: ± 45º Angular; ±12.5mm Linear
  • Protection: IP67
Product Datasheet Position Transducer Dimensions
Supply Voltage +4.8 VDC to +32 VDC
Over Voltage Protection >33 VDC
Supply Current <10mA with comms
Reverse Polarity Protection up to -32 VDC
Resolution 10 bit over configured range
Sample Rate 1KHz
Rise Time 2ms
Pulse Energy Absorption 1.0J
Wiring Options Standard: 28-30 AWG
Heavy Duty: 24 AWG
Analogue Output
Measurement Range Linear: ±12.5mm (configurable)
Angular: ±45° (configurable)
Voltage Output Range 0-5.6V (unless limited by V supply)
Range Accuracy ±0.1mm or equivalent
PWM Output
Measurement Range Linear: ±12.5mm (configurable)
Angular: ±45º (configurable)
Frequency 250Hz or 1KHz
Serial Output
Data Type RS232/RS485 (optional) 19.2K 8N
Switch Output
Type May be used as V ref or switch from V supply to ground
Product Datasheet
Size 50.0mm x 40.0mm x 6.0mm (1.97" x 1.57" x 0.24")
Sensor-Activator Clearance 0.5mm to 2mm
Mounting 2 x Ø4mm holes on a 30mm pitch
Weight 21.0 grams (0.74 ounces) excl. cable
Activator Materials EN3B Mild Steel or Equivalent
Tinned Steel
Contact Gill for other options
Materials Compatibility Water, engine oil, engine coolant, diesel fuel, gasoline, salt spray, degreaser, degreaser tsp, ammonia and dust. All common automotive liquids and materials
Protection Class IP67
Operating Temperature Standard: -40ºC to +85ºC
Optional: -40ºC to +125ºC
Dither Life N/A - Non-Contact
Part Numbers
Standard Operating Temperature Range (-40ºC to +85ºC)
Standard (30 AWG) 1484-00-045
Heavy Duty (24 AWG) 1484-00-065 (no switch output)
High Operating Temperature Range (-40ºC to +125ºC)
Standard (28 AWG) 1484-00-055
Demo Kit
25mm Blade Demo Kit 1484DK
Tinned Steel 1484-30-050
Painted Mild Steel 1484-30-019
Plastic/Copper Foil 1484-30-051
Blade25 Demo Kit

The Blade25 Demo Kit is specifically designed for the customer to evaluate our non contact measurement position transducer technology.

The Blade25 transducer is mounted to an easy to use rig, which demonstrates rotary and linear measurement. When powered up via the 9v battery, an RS232 compatible output, plus an analogue and PWM output are generated.

The Demo Kit Includes...
  • Blade25 Position Transducer
  • Angular & Linear Movement Rig
  • 3 x Activators (different materials)
  • Wiring loom with all necessary connectors
  • Calibration Software
  • 9V Battery
  • Robust Carry Case
Blade25 Demo Kit The demo rig allows both linear and angular movement
// Blade25 Position Transducer Typical Applications Typical Applications

The Blade25 position transducer is suitable for a wide range of linear and angular movement applications and is especially suited to harsh operating environments. Some example applications are shown below, both for the standard Blade25 and for custom variants using the same measurement technology.

  • Pedal Position Transducer Pedal Position Monitoring

    In this application the Blade25 is mounted to the pedal base plate, with the activator mounted to the moving pedal. The activator moves across the face of the sensor in an arc movement, with the sensor programmed to give the full scale output over ±30° (total pedal rotational movement).

    View Animation
  • Sliding Door Control Transducer Sliding Door Control (Soft-stop)

    In this application the Blade25 position transducer is used to control closing of an electronically-operated sliding door. The sensor monitors the left-most 25mm potion of the door via an integral activator and feeds back the position in real-time to the door's controller, allowing for soft-stop operation and system feedback when the door is in the 'fully-closed' position.

    View Animation
  • Suspension Rocker Position transducer Suspension Rocker Position Feedback

    This application is based on the standard suspension rocker often used on open-wheel race cars. The Blade25 position transducer is mounted to the rocker pivot. The activator is mounted to the face of the rocker and moves across the sensor in an arc. The sensor is programmed to give full-scale output over the 15° measurement range.

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  • Gearbox Shift Fork Position Gearbox Shift Fork Position (Custom Transducer)

    This custom position transducer uses the Blade25's core electronics and operating principle, in a custom configuration suitable for an industrial gearbox. The position transducer is mounted through the transmission housing; the activator is machined into the top of the shift fork and moves across the face of the sensor when the operator changes gear.

    View Animation
// Blade25 Set Up Guide