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Oil Flow Meter


Portable, lightweight Ultrasonic Oil Flow Meter primarily developed for race engine development use. Currently under development.

  • V Supply: +5VDC to +24VDC
  • Output: 0V - 5VDC (configurable)
  • Sample Rate: 500Hz
  • Flow Rate 0-200 l/min
About the Oil Flow Meter

The oil flow meter prototype has been developed for 'real time' oil flow measurement with specific attention given to the mechanical packaging to allow dyno and 'on car' correlation of data in motorsport applications.

The oil flow meter installs directly into a suitable existing oil pipeline modified to accept flexible -16 tube connector couplings.

Using the established ultrasonic 'time of flight' measurement principle, the oil flow meter is a true solid-state device. The flow tube, transducers and mounting arrangement are compatible with an installation on an engine, capable of measuring liquid flow of up to 200 litres/min and temperatures of up to 150°C.

The remote processing electronics are rated for 105°C and can be placed up to one metre away from the flow tube. These electronics provide the user with flow data over a USB or analogue interface and can be powered from an automotive supply of 5 to 24 volts.

The ultrasonic oil flow meter is currently in prototype form, with the final product under development.

Features & Benefits
  • Proven Ultrasonic Technology
  • Solid-state, No Moving Parts
  • Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Flow Rate to 200l/min
Supply Voltage +5 to +24 VDC
House Couplings -16 Flexible Tube Connectors
Supply Current <100mA
Sensor Dimensions Ø25mm x 160mm (Nominal Ø x L)
Serial Interface USB
Sensor Weight 140g (excluding couplings)
Flow Rate 0-200 l/min
Control Electronics Dimensions 105mm x 65mm x 25mm (L x W x H)
Sample Rate 500Hz
Control Electronics Weight 200g
Voltage Output Range 0V - 5VDC (configurable)
Protection Class Sensor: IP67, Electronics: IP65
Connectors Deutsch ASU
Operational Temperature Sensor -40°C to +150°C, Electronics: -40°C to +105°C