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25mm Blade™ Position Sensor
  • 0-90º Angular Measurement
  • 0-4.2V Analogue Output
Dual Cavity™ Position Sensor
Pedal Position Sensor Overview

Our range of non-contact position sensors includes products which are ideal for use in foot pedal position applications. We have worked with a number of electronic vehicle manufacturers (predominantly sweeper/scrubber), supplying sensors for accelerator pedal and brake pedal applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
  • Brake Pedal Position Sensor

Suitable Sensor Products for Pedal Position:

25mm Blade Position Sensor

25mm Blade™ Position Sensor In a pedal position application, the 25mm Blade Sensor is typically mounted the the static base bracket of the pedal, with a metallic 'activator' mounted to the moving pedal. As the pedal is depressed, the sensor can accurately monitor the position of the activator and feedback the position via an Analogue voltage. The sensor can be programmed to monitor the exact limits of movement, so accuracy is increased over the sensing range.

Click here for a Pedal Application demo

Dual Cavity Position Sensor

Dual Cavity Position Sensor The Dual Cavity Sensor uses the same core technology as the 25mm Blade, however the metallic 'activator' moves within the two sensor cavities. Again, the sensor is typically mounted to the base bracket, with the 'activator' mounted to (or formed part of) the pedal. The activator shape and size can be optimised to perform well over the complete movement cycle, maintaining a high accuracy. A dual output version of this sensor is also available to enable monitoring of two pedals (e.g accelerator AND brake) with one device.

Click here for a Pedal Application demo