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Advanced condition monitoring technique provides the earliest warning of wear in critical rotating machinery

Continuous condition monitoring technique integrates readily into existing systems, using the most popular communications protocols, to provide the earliest alerts of wear in critical rotating equipment

WearDetect oil debris sensors are recognised for their abililty to detect the earliest signs of wear in critical equipment such as gearboxes and bearings. As one of the fastest growing condition-based monitoring (CBM) tools, WearDetect allows maintenance professionals to continuously monitor the condition of equipment by measuring wear debris directly within that equipment. The team can be alerted to issues when the very first stages of machine failure can confidently be predicted, while there is still time to schedule corrective action and minimise unplanned downtime.

WearDetect is most effective when it is integrated into a larger maintenance system, monitoring wear within key assets and automatically creating alerts when further action is required.

WearDetect has a number of output options including Modbus, the most widely used network protocol in industrial manufacturing. This allows WearDetect oil condition monitoring sensors to integrate simply into a pre-existing system to share information and support proactive management of the manufacturing process.

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