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Level Sensors

Black water measurement game changer

Black water measurement game changer

Measuring the content of black and grey water tanks on-board most vessel types is an essential yet usually unpleasant task, especially when current measurement devices become blocked or encrusted with the tanks contents – very unpleasant. Ultimately, this build-up leads to incorrect reporting of the tank level, resulting in further problems for both owners and crew members.

As specialist manufacturers of measurement sensors for challenging applications, Gill Sensors & Controls (Gill) have been working on a reliable sensor to meet the requirements and significant demands of the marine industry.

One of the main benefits of Gill’s Blackwater Sensor is its capacitive sensing technology, which has been proven and used within F1, motorsport and defence vehicles to provide a continuous level measurement from full to empty. Completely sealed and with no moving parts or holes, the single probe sensor design has many advantages over other sensor types.

Uniquely, the sensor will feature a solid, smooth non-stick coating eliminating the possibility of substance accumulation and blocking. Traditional market solutions require holes or ledges upon which the tank contents can build up, which leads to incorrect tank readings. The Gill Blackwater Sensor will provide reliable level measurement and prevent users from needing to carry out regular cleaning of the sensor.

Significant development time and testing has gone into the sensor to ensure it is compliant with marine interface systems, including NMEA 2000.