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Product Update

Blackwater holding tank sensor

Blackwater level sensor

Gill's blackwater holding tank sensor

Blackwater and greywater levels in marine holding tanks are something that none of us really want to think about.

However, if you do not want a toilet backing-up unexpectedly, then it is something that does have to be confronted. This is because to keep the sensor reporting the levels in the holding tanks accurately and reliably, you need to regularly remove and clean the sensor of “deposits”.

But now, relief from this frankly unpleasant chore is available. 

Gill have used their expertise in sensors for challenging environments to produce a sensor for blackwater holding tanks that has no moving parts, no holes or cavities with a smooth, one-piece, non-stick coating to the sensor probe.

How do these features help? Well, Gill has been testing the sensor in a domestic cesspit for 12 months and the sensor probe has no build-up of contamination and is accurately reporting the level. Minimum cleaning – no problems.

Available with four outputs, the sensor can be specified in standard lengths and up to 2 metres in length as custom variants. No support is required inside the tank for any length.

In addition, the sensor can be programmed to allow for irregularly shaped tanks so that it provides a true reading of the volume of the tank rather than simply the level, another way by which you can be caught unaware.