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Application Note

Bloodhound Live in Newquay

Bloodhound in Newquay

19 measurement sensors are installed on the supersonic car measuring fuel level, hydrogen peroxide level, air brake door angle, suspension deflection, accelerator and brake to name a few. Chosen for their unrivalled reliability and high accuracy, our sensors ensure the car is operating as expected.

Our sensors are located around the car for a host of different purposes including:

Front Winglets – 360° Rotary Sensor
Front suspension – 2 Blade 25 Position Sensors
Brakes – 2 Brake Stand-off Sensors
HTP (concentrated hydrogen peroxide) tank – 2 Industrial Level Sensors
Fuel bladder tank – Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors
Aviation fuel tank – Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors
Air brakes – 2 360° Rotary Sensors
Rear Winglets – 360° Rotary Sensor
Rear suspension – 2 Blade 25 Position Sensors

All of the sensors installed within Bloodhound SSC need to endure the extreme temperatures and the dry and dusty environment generated by the South African lake bed, which is the chosen location for the record attempt.