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Custom designed military grade liquid level sensors

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Custom designed military grade liquid level sensors

Military fuel level sensor

LevelDefend liquid level sensors are custom designed using Gill technology to deliver proven performance in critical defence applications including military transport vehicles and military marine craft. Used as part of a larger system or vehicle, LevelDefend liquid level sensors provide robust, reliable and accurate measurement of fuel, oil or coolant in challenging defence applications and environments involving harsh dynamic conditions subject to constant movement, shock and vibration.

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Military fuel level sensor

LevelDefend - custom designed, military grade liquid level sensors

LevelDefend, custom designed, liquid level sensors proven in defence applications - more details

Designed & Manufactured by Gill Sensors & Controls in the UK, LevelDefend liquid level sensors use solid-state capacitive level sensing technology to provide robust, reliable and accurate fuel, oil or coolant measurement in mobile military vehicles and other liquid holding tanks exposed to hostile operating environments. LevelDefend custom sensors have wide liquid compatilibity. In addition to fuels and oils, LevelDefend level sensors can measure chemicals and water-based liquids.    

With no moving parts, floats or other mechanical linkages, LevelDefend provides excellent long term reliability, accuracy and durability resulting in lowest lifetime cost of ownership.     

As part of Gill’s stringent quality control, every LevelDefend sensor is factory calibrated to customer requirements with temperature compensation, to provide market leading liquid level measurement  accuracy as well as quick and easy setup.

Output, current 4-20mA.

Environmental protection to IP67

LevelDefend level sensors have no moving parts and as a result are extremely reliable and accurate, requiring minimum maintenance.