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Lightweight level sensor for UAVs

Lightweight, precision liquid level sensors

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Lightweight, precision liquid level sensors

Lightweight level sending unit

LevelLite lightweight liquid level sensors are proven in aerial and track applications measuring high performance fuel, oil and coolant levels. LevelLite combines high accuracy measurement with low weight to allow operators to achieve maximum unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying time or race winning track performance. As well as being light weight, LevelLite also offers a range of compact mounting options to accomodate restricted spaces.

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Lightweight liquid level sensor

LevelLite lightweight liquid level sensors

LevelLite, lightweight high performance liquid level sensors for continuous high accuracy level measurement - more details

Designed & Manufactured by Gill Sensors & Controls in the UK, LevelLite liquid level sensors provide precision level measurement of high performance fuel, oil and coolant levels for applications where weight and space are at a premium. 

LevelLite provides proven reliability in demanding environments and is chosen for UAV and motorsport applications including multiple world championship winning cars (Formula 1, Le Mans 24, World Endurance Championships and Word Rally). LevelLite level sensors are lightweight, solid-state capacitive level sensors available in many configurations of length and mounting arrangement. Custom manufacture is possible in as little as 2 weeks.

In addition to liquid level measurement, LevelLite sensors also provide a secondary switched or temperature output.

Every sensor is factory calibrated to customer requirements with temperature compensation to provide market leading accuracy as well as quick and easy setup.  

A tank profiling feature allows LevelLite to provide accurate tank volume output results even in irregular tank shapes. 

Flexible mounting options – many standard mounting adaptors are available from Gill where kits include seals and fixings. However, you may choose to design your own custom configuration for either panel gasket, male thread or female thread mounting. See the ‘How to fit LevelLite flanges’ video in FURTHER RESOURCES tab. 

Output protocol options for LevelLite are industry standard with the ability to set custom ranges where required. Primary level output voltage 0.25-4.75V DC (max range 0.25-10V). Secondary output open collector 50V/1A max switch to ground (V-).  See the How-to Open Collector guides in the FURTHER RESOURCES tab.

Environmental protection to IP68. 

LevelLite level sensors have no moving parts and as a result are extremely reliable and accurate, requiring minimum maintenance. 

To order, simply tell us your probe length requirements, cable exit preference (top or side), secondary output choice and the fuel/oil/water/coolant type for calibration and we will produce a fully sealed and ready to use sensor. You can then choose an off-the-shelf adaptor or request the CAD data to produce your own customised adaptor.