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stainless steel level sensor

Robust, reliable liquid level sensors

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Robust, reliable liquid level sensors

Stainless steel liquid level sensor

LevelPro liquid level sensors are used in applications ranging from measuring fuels, oils or coolants in marine vessels and off-highway machinery through to measuring the level of aggressive chemicals within manufacturing processes. Using capacitive sensing technology, LevelPro level sensors provide highly accurate and reliable contact based measurement in a wide range of liquids. LevelPro is selected where long-term reliability and lowest lifetime cost of ownership is important.

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levelpro stainless steel level sensor

LevelPro - robust, reliable level sensors

LevelPro, robust, reliable liquid level sensors for measuring aggressive liquids and liquids in applications exposed to harsh environments - more details

Designed & Manufactured by Gill Sensors & Controls in the UK, LevelPro liquid level sensors provide accurate and reliable level measurement in aggressive liquids or liquids operating in harsh environments. LevelPro level sensors use solid-state capacitive technology to sense the level of the liquid. With no moving parts, floats or other mechanical linkages, LevelPro provides excellent long term reliability, accuracy and durability resulting in lowest lifetime cost of ownership.   

In addition to liquid level measurement, LevelPro sensors also provide a selectable high/low alarm.  

Every sensor is factory calibrated with temperature compensation to provide market leading accuracy in liquid level measurement as well as quick and easy setup. 

tank profiling feature allows LevelPro level sensors to provide accurate tank volume output results even in irregular tank shapes. 

Mounting options – a range of standard mounting options is available. 

Two output options are available (analogue voltage or current) and LevelPro is compatible with industry standard gauges, PLCs, RTUs and IoT data collection systems. Output voltage 0.25-4.75V (max range 10V). Output current 4-20mA. 

Environmental protection IP66, IP68.

LevelPro level sensors have no moving parts and as a result are extremely reliable and accurate, requiring minimum maintenance.