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Level sensors for challenging liquids

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Level sensors for challenging liquids

Blackwater level sensor

LevelSlick specialist level sensors measure challenging liquids in a range of applications where reliable low maintenance operation is important. LevelSlick’s PTFE coating makes it suitable for measuring difficult liquids including high viscosity water based varnishes, liquids containing solids and effluents as well as slurries and foaming liquids. LevelSlick is commonly used in water treatment and waste tanks as well as industrial storage and processing. 

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Blackwater level sensor

LevelSlick level sensors for challenging liquids

LevelSlick, reliable, non-stick level sensors for challenging liquids - more details

Designed & Manufactured by Gill Sensors & Controls in the UK, LevelSlick liquid level sensors provide reliability whatever the media. Conductive technology and a PTFE coating allow LevelSlick to combine a non-stick sensor with a design containing no holes or moving parts to block or stick. This ensures reliability and low maintenance requirements in materials normally difficult to measure. LevelSlick is compatible with suspended solids, flocculants, slurries, colloids, effluents and acidic fluids. The sensors are unaffected by films or build up that can occur on tank walls which can be problematic for capacitance based devices.    

LevelSlick is often deployed where build up of residues or suspended solids from the liquid can result in unreliable or inaccurate measurements.  LevelSlick remains accurate in these circumstances, preventing accidental overflow or tank draining when difficult or dangerous materials are being managed. The sensor probe has been engineered so it does not require additional mechanical support in the tank, whilst being robust enough to withstand any strong agitation that may be present. The single smooth probe facilitates the serviceability of the sensor should any cleaning be required, simply wipe down with alcohol wipes.

A tank profiling feature allows LevelSlick to provide accurate tank volume output results even in irregular tank shapes, essential for process inventory management. 

Three output options are available for LevelSlick: Voltage maximum 0.25-10.0V DC (configurable), current 4-20mA, resistive 10-180 or 240-33 ohms.          

Environmental protection to IP66/IP68/IP69k to EN60529         

LevelSlick liquid level sensors have no moving parts and as a result are extremely reliable and accurate.