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Compare Water Level Sensors

Gill offers a range of water level sensors designed for specific tasks: LevelPro, LevelLite, LevelSlick and LevelDefend  


Gill water level sensors are available for use with clean and clear liquids or for those that contain sediment or suspended material. 

Designed to withstand corrosion, they can be used in a wide variety of applications including salt water, fresh water, de-ionised water, black water or coolant.

Using long-life materials, Gill water level sensors are solid-state low maintenance designs, particularly in the presence of sediment where they continue to perform accurately without jamming, breaking or wearing out.  


Level sensor descriptionRobust & reliableLightweight & precisionFor challenging liquidsMilitary grade
Typical useFuels, oils & coolants in commercial marine and off-highwayFuels, oils & coolants in motorsport and UAVsVarnishes, liquids with suspended solids, slurries and acidic fluidsFluids in mobile defence applications exposed to shock & vibration
ConstructionStainless steelAluminiumNon-stick PTFE coatedAluminium
Outputs0.25-4.75V (max range 10V) or
current 4-20mA
0.25-4.75V (max range10V) +
secondary output open collector
0.25-10.0V DC or
current 4-20mA or
resistive 10-180 or 240-33 ohms
Current 4-20mA
Accuracy±2% FSD @20°C±1% @ 50% FSD @ 20˚C±10% FSD @20°C
(based on lumpy/inconsistent media)
±2% FSD @20ºC
Resolution10 bit10 bit (1024 points over measurement range)12 bit (4096 points over measurement range)10 bit
Supply voltageVoltage 5-32V DC
Current 9-32V DC
5-32V DC6-32V DC18-32V DC
Supply current<15mA<20mA<40mA>30mA
Operating temperature-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +85°C (without cable)-40ºC to +85ºC
Ingress protectionIP66, IP68IP68IP66/IP68/IP69k to EN60529IP67
MountingSAE 5-bolt, 1.125” UNF, 1.25” BSP or 2” NPT thread options.
Low profile sensor head with side cable exit (top exit 2″ NPT).
1, 2, 3, 5 hole & M22x1.5 flanges.
Low profile sensor head with side or top cable exit.
1.25″ BSP threaded.
Low profile sensor head with top cable exit.
SAE 5-bolt.
Low profile sensor head with side cable exit.
Installation orientationTop of tank or invertedTop of tank or invertedTop of tank up to 45°Top of tank or inverted
Probe length100mm to 2000mm (in standard increments)100 to 750mmStandard 250, 350, 450, 600, 800, 1000, 2000mm.
Custom lengths available
From 100mm