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Level Sensors

Fast and flexible level measurement now comes as standard

Fast and flexible level measurement now comes as standard

LevelLite has been developed to help all motor racing pedigrees achieve reliable and accurate tank level measurement, a trait synonymous with the Gill brand.

Management of fuel, oil and coolant levels is essential in becoming the first team to see the chequered flag, no matter what series you’re competing in. For over a decade Gill have been helping their customers win championships using both standard and bespoke capacitive liquid level sensors.

Nevertheless the popular standard level sensor with 5 bolt SAE arrangement hasn’t always been suitable for some customers who have unique installation challenges. Traditionally, Gill has answered these requirements with custom designs to solve the challenges faced by the customer. Whilst customers receive a completely customised sensor the nature of the development process is such that lead-times can be somewhat longer.

With the fast paced nature of the industry and the aim to offer customers ultimate flexibility in mind, Gill went back to the drawing board to look for a solution that was adaptable and super lightweight yet robust. A solution should also be available in custom lengths and delivered on very short lead-times.

The outcome is LevelLite – it has added flexibility of off-the-shelf standard adaptors suitable for 1, 2, 3 & 5 bolt along with metric and imperial male thread mounting options.

The liquid level sensor benefits from variable length options, fast delivery times and flexible mounting options

However the real flexibility comes from Gill providing customers the ability to quickly develop their own mounting adaptors. Gill provide some key connection features and from there customers can develop their own configurations to suit any flat gasket configuration, off centre mounting along with limitless thread adaptions to both male and female forms.

To order, customers state their sensor length requirements, based on tank depth, along with their fuel/oil/coolant type for calibration. Gill then manufacture a fully sealed sensor, to the stated length, ready for the customer to use. The sensor is delivered complete with a standard adaptor or without if the customer is making their own.

To complement the launch of the new product Gill’s level sensor configuration software has been totally overhauled. Customers now experience a simple and intuitive way to customise the analogue output settings, minimum level and maximum level, alarm switch level and hysteresis conditions. The software now comes with a new feature to map tanks to give a volumetric output. Using the simple configuration wizard, or by uploading a CSV file, the analogue output can be mapped to the volume of irregular shaped tanks.

The Levelite has passed a full suite of electrical and environmental testing including automotive EMC and shock vibration to F1 and Rally conditions. This approach ensures reliability and robustness in a lightweight and flexible package ensuring our customers always have the competitive edge, whatever motor racing series they are competing in.

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