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Gill’s Championship Winning Sensors for Motorsport​

Gill's Championship Winning Sensors for Motorsport

Gill’s race proven sensors have delivered yet again, helping motorsport teams and drivers throughout 2023 to achieve, not only poles and podiums but World Championship wins.  

Whether high on the banked raceway at Indianapolis, flat out through the tunnel at Monaco, flying over the legendary Fafe Jump, taking the chequered flag in the shadow of Mt. Fuji or preparing for another 1000km race at Spa, winning requires not only speed, grit, determination, and skill, it relies on patience, tactics and reliable data, lap after lap, stage after stage.

Gill’s LevelLite technology – lightweight precision level sensors – support drivers and teams in many race series’ across the world.

In 2023, not a race week went by without Gill sensors being right there in the thick of the action helping drivers and teams take points, pole positions, podiums, and world championship wins.

Gill’s race proven sensors were quietly keeping track of vital racing fluids, delivering liquid level updates and temperature data lap after lap – stage after stage.

Gill Sensors and Controls, design, manufacture and supply bespoke level sensors to motorsports customers at the very pinnacle of their game.

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