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Application Note

GT Race Car Threaded Oil Level Sender

Threaded engine oil level sender designed for GT class race car

Gill has designed a new custom engine oil level sender for a sports car application. Designed to meet the installation requirements of a globally recognised road and race car manufacturer, the sender is intended for use on race-prepared cars competing in GT class motorsport events.

The sender, which features a mounting flange with an M20 x 1.5 thread, is installed into the existing OEM oil tank. An O-ring seal on the underside of the mounting flange ensures that an oil-tight seal is maintained at all times.

Monitoring a total depth of 169.5mm, the oil level sender provides an analogue 0-5V output (calibrated 0.25V empty, 4.75V full). This custom oil level sender utilises Gill’s proven capacitive measurement technology to detect oil level to 0.5% accuracy.

As with all engine oil applications, the sender was designed for high temperature operation up to 125ºC and environmentally protected to IP68.

GT car oil level sensor
GT Race Car Threaded Oil Level Sender