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Bearing wear monitoring in production lines​

Oil debris sensors monitor bearing wear and keep production lines running

Minimising downtime and lost production

Production lines rely on the continued operation of critical equipment to ensure output and targets are met. Continuously monitoring the performance and condition of rotating equipment bearings and gearboxes is important to prevent breakdowns and ensure servicing can be carried out when most convenient. WearDetect oil debris sensors monitor wear debris in oil in real-time and can provide the earliest warning of machine wear.

wear debris detection on automotive manufacturing lines

Recommended sensors for monitoring bearing wear in production lines...

Oil Debris sensor
Industrial wear detection sensor with adaptor
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Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors provide real-time continuous condition monitoring of machine wear in oil lubricated equipment allowing visibility of the earliest stages of machine wear. With no moving parts, Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors are highly reliable and require minimum maintenance.