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Aerodynamic, brake and suspension control in high speed vehicle

High performance sensors in the Bloodhound LSR, land speed challenger

Non-contact induction position sensors and high performance liquid level sensors selected for the Bloodhound project

Gill has provided sensors for many prestigious motorsport players and for the most challenging applications. The unrivalled reliability and accuracy that Gill sensors deliver is of paramount importance where safety is critical and they insist on the highest grade equipment. 

Bloodhound SSC is among the most extreme of these automotive challenges and Gill has had a long hisory with the project which, although it’s currently on hold, has involved many interesting and testing applications.

High performance products combined with their ability to endure extreme temperatures and the dry and dusty environment were essential for the Bloodhound applications. 

Recommended sensors for high performance vehicles and challenging environments...

Position sensors
Blade360 rotary position sensor
Position sensors logo

Gill non-contact position sensors provide accurate, repeatable position measurement with excellent long-term reliability in harsh environments.

aluminium liquid level sensor
LevelLite Logo

Gill LevelLite lightweight, precision liquid level sensors provide real-time continuous level measurement in aerial and track applications. With proven reliability in demanding environments, LevelLite delivers high accuracy level measurement in fuels, oils and coolants.