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Construction vehicle engine monitoring

Real-time engine condition monitoring provides early alert to engine wear for maintenance planning

Oil condition sensors identify early wear in gearboxes and transmissions

Heavy earth moving equipment such as dump trucks, bulldozers or other specialist vehicles endure high loading and prolonged exposure to harsh environments. All need to run reliably and perform optimally in order to deliver against tight construction timetables. Oil condition sensors fitted into the engine systems provide real-time monitoring of engine condition and alert to unusual wear in gearboxes and transmission systems allowing timely maintenance scheduling. 

Recommended sensors for engine condition monitoring...

Oil Debris sensor
Oil debris sensor with display
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Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors provide real-time continuous condition monitoring of machine wear in oil lubricated equipment allowing visibility of the earliest stages of machine wear. With no moving parts, Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors are highly reliable and require minimum maintenance.