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Conveyor drive condition monitoring

Continuous monitoring of wear in conveyor gearboxes ensures maximum up-time

Oil debris sensors trend wear in conveyor gearboxes for optimum maintenance management

Keeping production lines running relies on the continued operation of motors and gearboxes in conveyor belts and similar equipment over extended periods. This can result in significant down-time for servicing and maintenance. Using gearbox monitoring sensors ensures the maximum up-time is achieved by continually reporting the health of the equipment as it runs. Necessary servicing can then be planned for convenient times without process interruption. 

Recommended sensors for conveyor gearbox monitoring...

Oil Debris sensor
Industrial wear detection sensor with adaptor
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Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors provide real-time continuous condition monitoring of machine wear in oil lubricated equipment allowing visibility on the earliest stages of machine wear. With no moving parts, Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors are highly reliable and require minimum maintenance.