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Powerboat stability control

High performance level sensors are used in powerboat ballast systems

Lightweight and robust level sensors form part of race winning teams

Providing stability in motion, ballast tanks fitted to powerboats are essential to ensure maximum velocity is gained safely. Specialist sensors built from high grade materials to withstand a high energy environment where vibration is constant, are used as part of the system to ensure vehicle stabililty and reliability in service. 

Gill capacitive liquid level sensors have had extensive use in both marine and land based race vehicles including within many race winning teams.

Recommended sensors for powerboat ballast systems...

Lightweight level sensor
LevelLite Logo

Gill LevelLite lightweight, precision liquid level sensors provide real-time continuous level measurement in aerial and track applications. With proven reliability in demanding environments, LevelLite delivers high accuracy level measurement in fuels, oils and coolants.

Stainless steel liquid level sensor
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Gill LevelPro liquid level sensors are robust, providing highly  reliable continuous liquid level measurement in a wide range of applications including aggressive liquids and harsh environments. Using capacitive level sensing technology, LevelPro delivers highly stable readings even in mobile equipment/vehicles and with no moving parts, LevelPro requires minimum maintenance.