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Railway service continuity

Liquid level sensors accurately monitor railway locomotive critical fluids

Reliable fuel, oil & coolant level monitoring increases service reliability & efficiency

Rail services need to run to strict time schedules for moving people or freight. Some services must also adhere to a passenger charter where failure can result in fines and reputational damage. Being sure of engine oil and coolant levels minimizes the chance of unexpected breakdowns and accurate fuel level sensing maximizes usage between fill-ups for optimum efficiency.   

Recommended sensors for reliably monitoring fuel, oil & coolants in rail locomotives...

Stainless steel liquid level sensor
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Gill LevelPro liquid level sensors are robust, providing highly reliable continuous liquid level measurement in a wide range of applications including aggressive liquids and harsh environments. Using capacitive level sensing technology, LevelPro delivers highly stable readings even in mobile equipment/vehicles and with no moving parts, LevelPro requires minimum maintenance.