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Systems monitoring in military vehicles

Robust, high performance liquid level sensors ensure reliable operation of military vehicles

Liquid level sensors monitor vehicle status

Robust and highly reliable sensors are required in military applications where personnel and equipment security are paramount. Used in a variety of vehicles, liquid level sensors are used to monitor fuel levels and ensure oil and coolant levels remain at the correct levels.  

Recommended level sensors for military vehicles

Military Grade Liquid Level Sensing
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Gill LevelDefend liquid level sensors provide proven performance in critical defence applications including environments exposed to harsh dynamic conditions and subject to constant movement, shock and vibration. 

Stainless steel liquid level sensor
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Gill LevelPro liquid level sensors are robust, providing highly  reliable continuous liquid level measurement in a wide range of applications including aggressive liquids and harsh environments. Using capacitive level sensing technology, LevelPro delivers highly stable readings even in mobile equipment/vehicles and with no moving parts, LevelPro requires minimum maintenance.