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Water pumping station level monitoring

Water pumping station stored water level monitoring

Water and waste tank level monitoring

High precision, robust level sensors are used to monitor water levels in storage chambers to keep them within operational limits. The level sensors can be built to order to suit the tank size and expected water levels.  Their robust construction ensures reliability and continued long-term operation. 

Recommended sensors for monitoring pumping station water levels...

Blackwater level sensor
LevelSlick logo

Gill LevelSlick liquid level sensors provide real-time continuous level measurement in challenging liquids. With no holes or moving parts to clog or block and a non-stick PTFE coating, LevelSlick delivers long-term reliability and accuracy in difficult fluids including slurries, colloids, effluents and liquids with suspended solids.  

Stainless steel liquid level sensor
levelpro logo

Gill LevelPro liquid level sensors are robust, providing highly  reliable continuous liquid level measurement in a wide range of applications including aggressive liquids and harsh environments. Using capacitive level sensing technology, LevelPro delivers highly stable readings even in mobile equipment/vehicles and with no moving parts, LevelPro requires minimum maintenance.