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Wind turbine condition monitoring

Oil debris sensors monitor bearing and gear wear in wind turbines, providing real-time condition monitoring

Extending bearing and gearbox life

Motors and gearboxes are used to convert wind energy into rotational energy to create power. Oil debris sensors monitor the wear status of these components, informing of issues before they result in failure and the inevitable interruption to operation.

Efficient management of remote assets

Detecting the earliest signs of gearbox and bearing wear using oil debris sensors allows intervention to be scheduled to suit maintenance programmes. This is particularly relevant for inaccessible and remote equipment such as wind turbines.

Recommended sensors for monitoring wind turbine gearbox and bearing wear...

Oil Debris sensor
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Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors provide real-time continuous monitoring of machine wear in oil lubricated equipment allowing visibility on the earliest stages of machine wear. With no moving parts, Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors are highly reliable and require minimum maintenance.