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Product Update

Intrinsically Safe Liquid Level Sensor Developed for Coal Shearing Machine

ATEX approved custom level sensors for coal shearing machine

Gill Sensors & Controls has developed a heavy-duty transmission oil level sensor, which has been ATEX approved for use in hazardous area mining applications. The sensor has been custom designed for installation into the gearbox of the ranging arm on a large continuous mining coal shearing machine.

The intrinsically safe level sensor carries ATEX Ex I M2 and IECEx Ex ia I Mb approval, for de-energised operation within a methane environment (specific to mining).

The sensor was designed to the exact requirements of an internationally recognised manufacturer of specialist mining machinery. With a total weight of over 85 tonnes, the coal shearing machine operates deep underground for prolonged periods of time. The logistics and expense associated with recovering a damaged vehicle to the surface are severe, so to prevent a failure of the transmission in the event of an oil leak the transmission oil level sensor was specified.

The sensor uses proven capacitive measurement technology as used in other Gill liquid level sensors, giving a continuous output over the full depth of the transmission oil reservoir in real-time, providing the operator full vision of the level remaining.

With full stainless-steel construction and a heavy-duty construction, the sensor was designed to offer reliable operation in the harsh, dusty, high vibration environments encountered in this type of operation. As with all electronic equipment for use in underground mines, the level sensor was required to pass stringent electrical tests in order to gain Intrinsically Safe approval.

The sensor features glass-filled nylon collars around each mounting hole and a glass-filled nylon mounting plate to electrically isolate the sensor from the tank. An external thermistor was designed into the tip of the tube section, which provides a continuous oil temperature output via a separate analogue channel. The sensor also features an integral brass connector.

Gill Sensors has a vast history developing custom liquid level sensors for harsh industrial applications. If you have a requirement for an intrinsically safe liquid level sensor please contact us to speak with one of our expert engineers.