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Level Gauges Display Liquid Volume in Irregularly Shaped Tanks

Liquid level gauges allow linear display of liquid volume in irregularly shaped tanks

Liquid Level Gauges from Gill Sensors can be mapped to the profile of irregular shaped tanks for a real time linear display of the true volume of liquid remaining.

Displaying the volume of liquid within an irregularly shaped tank has traditionally proved difficult using a level sensor and standard liquid level gauge, with the physical level in the tank not representing the true volume of liquid remaining. Engineers tend to rely on external processing electronics and data look-up tables in order to calculate the true amount of liquid remaining.
The Liquid Level Gauge from Gill Sensors, however, can be easily configured to show the true volume within the tank in real time, without the requirement for data lookup tables or other external electronics.

Designed for use with a Gill Sensors Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor, the Liquid Level Gauge is supplied with Gill’s newly developed ‘Tank Profiler’ software application, which allows the user to program the gauge according to known volumetric fills in the tank. With the level sensor output voltage and true volume recorded throughout the depth of the tank, the display gauge is capable of representing the true tank volume in a linear fashion, regardless of the changes in the tank profile.

This process of ‘mapping’ the tank profile has been used for many years in applications where the tank shape is irregular. An entirely new concept however is the capturing and processing the volumetric data within the gauge itself, without the need for external processing electronics and look-up tables, is an entirely new concept.

The Gill Liquid Level Gauge gives the user full control over the illumination of each LED, so the gauge can also be programmed in a non-linear fashion according to the requirements of the user. For example it is possible to represent the uppermost half of the tank on just three LEDs, with the lower half represented across the remaining twenty-six LEDs. This would give the user greater resolution in the lower half of the tank, where changes in liquid level often tend to be more critical for machine or vehicle operation.
The display gauge features twenty-nine super-bright LEDs (red, amber, green), in addition to a numerical display panel capable of displaying the remaining liquid volume in real time. The gauge features light-sensitive automatic brightness control to allow use in all lighting conditions, including low-light and direct sunlight. A visual low level alarm can be configured to appear at any pre-calibrated depth reading.

With a unique oval bezel, the Liquid Level Display is compact and lightweight, ideal for simple installation on dashboards or instrument panels.

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Level Gauges Display Liquid Volume in Irregularly Shaped Tanks

Level Gauge Shows True Liquid Volume