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Application Note

Military Grade Liquid Level Sensing

Robust, reliable liquid level sensors for defence applications


Systems supplied for use in military environments must not only be reliable and long lasting, but they must also be durable and able to withstand heat and vibration without faltering. Whether installed on a combat vehicle or an armoured personnel carrier it is vitally important to always know the accurate fuel level to ensure ongoing operational safety. It can even warn of equipment reliability issues by tracking coolant and oil levels too.


Sourcing equipment that has been designed with defence use in mind is difficult. Military vehicles need rugged, long-lasting sensors that perform without missing a beat even in the presence of significant shock and vibration. When used in mobile applications, vehicle movements can cause reading issues for lesser liquid level sensors, and this is why capacitive contact sensors are used, delivering stable readings without the sensor dead-zones that plague some non-contact sensors. Using the highest quality materials, these liquid sensors are relied on by defence customers to deliver consistently, no matter the conditions.


Gill LevelDefend capacitive liquid level sensors have been designed and used in defence applications. These include installations within fuel systems in military vehicles qualified to stringent DEF STAN / MIL STDs.

Manufactured from high quality aluminium, the sensor features fully enclosed solid state electronics for uninterrupted stable sensor output. There are no moving parts to regularly maintain and the sensor comes pre-calibrated and ready for use. Gill products come with long term manufacturer support backed up by a dedicated team of experts to provide total confidence when used in defence applications.

fuel level sensor for tanks

Gill sensors have been used on military vehicles, demonstrating their suitability for use in the defence environment.


Fuel level sensing in military vehicles


Quality tested to IP67 rating.   Available for tank depths up to 1000mm deep, 4-20mA analogue communication.


Recommended sensors for military grade liquid level sensing

LevelDefend fuel level sensor
LevelDefend Liquid level sensors

Gill LevelDefend liquid level sensors provide proven performance in critical defence applications including environments exposed to harsh dynamic conditions and subject to constant movement, shock and vibration.