News » Blackwater Holding Tank sensing – it’s a piece of cake!

Blackwater Holding Tank sensing – it’s a piece of cake!


The staff of Gill Sensors & Controls along with colleagues from Gill Research & Development has celebrated the launch of the new Gill 7014 Blackwater level sensor.

The culmination of three years of close collaboration between the two group companies has resulted in a sensor for measuring blackwater liquid levels in holding tanks. The sensor finally provides users with confidence about the fill levels in their holding tanks without requiring regular cleaning of the sensor.

To achieve this level of accuracy and reliability in such an unhospitable environment required a significant advance in the inductive technology the sensor uses as well as a novel use of materials to ensure the sensor remains clean.

The complete team were invited to a lunch hosted by the company directors to thank them for the effort in bringing the product to market.

To finish the event off a celebratory cake was commissioned which encapsulated the product and its application. By the end of the event, all that remained of the chocolate layered sponge was a few crumbs.

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