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Spotlight with Michael Leggett, Business Development Manager


michael headshot4We would like to introduce you to Michael Leggett, our newest member to the team. As a Business Development Manager at Gill, concentrating on the UK and Asia, Michael answered a few questions about his previous experience and what he will be bringing to the role. 

How did you first learn about Gill?
Whilst working within the world of EMS (Electronics Subcontract Manufacturing) the names of quality OEM’s regularly graced my desk as possible companies to do business with. The Gill group came under this category, however, upon contacting Gill they were always adamant that all PCB assembly and full box build was done in-house which kept the quality and traceability at the very highest level

What three words would you use to describe Gill?
Creative, Service-Orientated, Diverse

What is your role at Gill?
My official title is ‘Business Development Manager’, in terms of my role I don’t want to be to clichéd with such answers as ‘To grow the UK and Asia to its maximum potential’, however, my vision is to enhance the overall reputation of the company by offering my skills and expertise whilst giving practical demonstrations of our sensor products. Whether our customers need a one off solution or hands-on approach towards their entire project I will essentially become an unpaid member of their own team until they reach a defined solution.

What do you aim to deliver to your customers at Gill?
My aim is to continue to give an honest approach with full open communication ensuring my customers receive real-time status updates along with their product delivered to the very highest quality on time every time

Before working at Gill, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
It would have to be when I was a young chap around 14 years old - delivering the local Advertiser to over 350 homes! The reason I mention this is one particular day I was stuffing the newspapers pre-delivery with my hands as black as soot through the heavily inked printed pages and off I went delivering. On return I had in-fact had a delivery myself, 700 sample bottles of Listerine mouth wash which was supposed to have been put in each paper. The rain outside helped made my mind up and I wasn’t going out again so ended up with a good 2 years of squeaky white teeth and the breath of a fresh mint, needless to say I can’t stand the smell or taste of it now!

What is your motto or personal mantra?
I don’t have a motto or mantra, these in fact make me cringe somewhat, however, you only get out if you’re willing to put in – this is apparent to most parts of our lives both work and personal.

What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?
I’ve had the privilege to have appeared in over 20 musicals as a plethora of the lead male roles which is an achievement and an experience I’m extremely thankful to have had but putting this aside my number 1 achievement by far is being a dedicated father to my little girl Olivia (well, 8 years old so maybe not so little now!)

If you would like to discuss your business needs with Michael, please email