News » Trevor visits our Nigerian Distributor, O-SECUL

Trevor visits our Nigerian Distributor, O-SECUL


Trevor Pearson visits NIgeria

Our Business Development Manager, Trevor Pearson is currently visiting our Nigerian distributor, O-SECUL.

O-SECUL are Gill's main distributor of our Oil Condition Sensor in Nigeria and it's surrounding countries. They provide a complete condition monitoring solution to West Africa.

Trevor had the pleasure of visiting Nigerian Brewery ltd along with O-SECUL to demonstrate Gill's Oil Condition Sensor and had the opportunity talk about how it can be implemented into their current predictive maintenance strategy. 

Gill's Oil Condition Sensor is an essential product to any condition monitoring mix. Providing real time insight of your machinery health it combines four measurement parameters:

- Captures fine wear & coarse failure ferrous particles
- Water in oil contamination detection
- Oil temperature or oil presence measurement

Further to the Oil Condition Sensor, Trevor demonstrated Gill's gas engine control product range. Illustrating the benefits of inductive spark technology which has dual benefits of lowering emissions and fuel consumption by producing a longer spark. The advanced technology within our gas engines controls allow customers to have optimised fuel utilisation.

Trevor will be visiting Power Nigeria 5-7th September. If you would like your own product demonstration please feel free to get in touch.