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Gill Exhibiting at METSTRADE 2017



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Gill Sensors and Controls have just finished exhibiting with partners, REYGAR Marine, at METSTRADE stand 03.335.

Michael Leggett and Dillan Kasba, Gill Sensors & Controls, were demonstrating the 7014 Blackwater Level Sensor7010 Liquid Level Sensor and the 4212 Condition Monitoring Sensor. Integrating Reygar’s BareFLEET fleet monitoring system with Gill’s extensive range of specialist sensors improves fuel efficiency, identifies machinery problems early and provides customers with an accurate, non-intrusive range of measurement parameters whilst benefitting from Gill’s reputation for accuracy and reliability.

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On the second day of exhibiting, Michael Leggett gave a presentation on how to ‘Eliminate overflowing black water holding tanks. Permanently.’ This live presentation demonstrated the capabilities of the 7014 Blackwater sensor when submerged into the synthetic blackwater. This interested a lot of people and potential distributors as it highlighted a major issue, which needed a solution, within the marine industry.

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7014 Blackwater Level Sensor

The 7014 Blackwater liquid level holding tank sensor has been designed for all applications where consistently reliable and maintenance-free measurement of Black and Grey water is needed. Tank profiling software provides compensation for irregular tank shapes and multiple output options, including NMEA2000, offering compatibility for the widest range of installations. 

The Blackwater holding tank sensor has a probe element which goes into the tank and is robust and tough enough to tolerate the significant forces that are caused by sloshing of the contents in rough seas. Its capacitive level sensor measurement is a solid-state technology that does not have any moving parts. 

The sensor consists of a smooth, non-stick probe without any holes for fluid flow in it, preventing being clogged or jammed by solids that can prevent operation. The sensor’s outputs have been configured so that it can be used with existing gauges and system display screens.

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7010 Liquid Level Sensor

The 7010 Liquid Level Sensor is available in lengths up to 2m long and is designed for environments where monitoring of a variety of liquid types is required. The sensor uses solid-state capacitive technology to sense the level of the liquid, with no moving parts, floats or other mechanical linkages to provide excellent long term reliability.

It features two output options, analogue voltage or current to suit a variety of applications.

Built from 316 stainless steel, the level sensor will provide corrosion resistance in harsh environments. The sensor features SAE 5-Bolt mounting with either 1.125” UNF or 1.25” BSP thread. A flange gasket and O-ring seal are supplied with each unit.

Gill Sensors & Controls quality control ensures that every sensor is factory calibrated with temperature compensation to provide market leading accuracy of liquid level measurement.

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4212 Condition Monitoring Sensor

The Gill Industrial Oil Condition Monitoring Sensor features the same measurement options as the Standard Condition Monitoring Sensor, with an alternative local indication display. The local LED display provides a simple red, amber and green light indication of the status of the condition of the machine.

Fine and coarse particle contamination is a major cause of breakdowns in hydraulic and lubrication oil systems; therefore continuous real-time oil debris monitoring plays a crucial role in developing a predictive maintenance strategy.

The industrial oil condition monitoring sensor has been developed to assist the plant or automotive engineer to improve the reliability of their equipment. By continuously monitoring the most common causes of gearbox and transmission failure, the sensor provides early indications of a potential problem allowing for planned investigation and remedial action to be implemented before catastrophic failure occurs.

The oil debris condition sensor offers 4 types of measurement outputs and with no specialist knowledge required to analyse the outputs, the sensor offers a low cost of ownership. It allows the end user to identify and thereby eliminate an unplanned breakdown; the condition monitoring sensor gives a quick and positive return-on-investment.

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