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Micro Sensor for Racecar Gear Shift Position Feedback


Micro Position Sensor Developed for Racecar Gear Shift Position Feedback

Gearshift Sensor 300x236Gill has developed a new micro non-contact position sensor for the feedback of gearbox shift-arm position. Designed to meet the packaging and performance requirements of an established sports car manufacturer, the sensor features an entirely new micro electronic platform, which uses our established induction technology.

The sensor monitors a narrow metallic ‘activator’, which is mounted to the moving shift fork. With no moving sensor parts or mechanical seals or linkages, this arrangement proves accurate and reliable even in the most extreme environments.

With a stroke of just 16mm, the sensor is compact and lightweight, with a 5KHz update rate well-suited to the extremely fast gearshifts experienced in sequential shift racecar transmissions. Sealed to IP68, the whole sensor is mounted through the transmission casing for easy maintenance. The sensor is rated for high temperature operation to +125ºC.

The sensor prototypes (pictured) were designed, developed and manufactured in just eight weeks and are currently being proven in a race car environment.