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High Temperature Liquid Level Sensors


Remote, High Temperature Liquid Level Sensors

Gill Sensors is expanding the capabilities of their capacitive liquid level sensor range with the introduction of new high temperature sensors with remote electronics.

Remote Electronics 579x701The new generation of liquid level sensors will feature advanced sensor circuits and remotely mounted electronic modules to allow extended temperature operation from -40°C to +170°C, surpassing its previous generation. The core electronic circuitry of the sensor has been separated into a remote mounted electronics module and a high temperature sensor circuit located inside the sensor head.

The removal of the electronics to a remote bulkhead mounting allows the sensor to be fully submerged into higher operating temperatures. With a smaller sensor head than previous generations, the sensor is capable of fitting into a M10 threaded interface.

Lightweight and with no moving parts, floats or other mechanical linkages to break or wear, the solid-state sensors provide unmatched long-term reliability in harsh environments.

The new level sensors are compatible with fuel, oil, coolant and other aggressive liquid types and will provide a continuous 0-5V analogue output and fast 80Hz update speeds.

Offered with fully customisable sensor heads and built to exact length requirements, the aluminium sensors are SAE 5- bolt mounted for easy installation. Each sensor is designed to meet IP68 and is factory calibrated to ensure high accuracy across its specified temperature range.

The new capacitive liquid level sensors will deliver reliable, highly accurate fluid level measurement to applications demanding high temperature operation.