News » Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter homologated for 2014 F1 Season

Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter homologated for 2014 F1 Season


Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter homologated for 2014 F1 Season

Gill Sensors are proud to announce that the Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter has been homologated by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for use in the 2014 Formula one and World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Fuel Flow Meter Clip 300x274The meters will now become mandatory according to new FIA regulations to help shape the future of professional motorsport and improve fuel efficiency.

Since the start of its development in 2011, the Fuel Flow Meter project has embraced the challenges of researching and developing an innovative technology aiming to provide the motorsport industry with real time data required for the new regulation. Gill has continued to develop the use of ultrasonic technology to provide a solution that measures bi-directional fuel flow to a very high degree of accuracy. Feedback from the vigorous testing programme has been crucial to the meters design and functionality, ensuring the it fulfils the specification needs of each customer.

Designed with an innovative, lightweight construction, the flow meter achieves the rapid transient response rate vital for the harsh environment application. The meter is capable of a flow measurement rate of 8000ml/min and fulfils the FIA’s accuracy requirements. “Gill Sensors are thrilled to have been chosen to undertake this extraordinary venture and we are delighted that the FIA is confident in the performance and durability of the Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter.” says Mike Gill, Chairman of the Gill Group. “We would like to thank the FIA and all the teams for their backing which has been fundamental to the project.”

The ultrasonic fuel flow meter will remain homologated for use within Formula 1 and WEC throughout the expected lifetime of the turbocharged V6 engine and future designs.

Gill will be displaying the FIA approved meters at Autosport Engineering from 9th-10th January on stand E161.