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Le Mans 2011 Oil Catch Tank Sensor


Oil Catch Tank Level Sensor Designed for 2011 Le Mans Series

Gill Sensors has designed a bespoke catch tank oil level sensor for use in the 2011 Le Mans Series.

ACO Catch Tank Sensor 2 300x209Specified as a compulsory monitoring device in the 2011 ACO Le Mans Series regulations, the sensor will be installed in the top surface of the oil catch tank on every race car in the series, providing a continuous analogue output relative to the level of oil within the tank.

The sensor has been introduced by the ACO with the aim of preventing the over-filling of oil tanks, which can lead to oil spillage and unsafe racing conditions.

It was important for the ACO to select a product that would remain accurate, reliable and repeatable for the duration of an endurance event. Gill was approached for this project following the success of the 2010 regulation pit-tank level sensors, which were installed to each team’s refuelling rig for the duration of the 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours. These sensors provided accurate fuel usage information, which was used to assist in determining the winner of the Michelin Green X Challenge.

The new catch tank sensor measures 108mm long and weighs just 90g, with two 3mm diameter mount holes for simple installation. As an official ACO stipulated device, the sensor also carries the ACO logo on the top of the mounting flange.

Teams yet to purchase their sensors for the 2011 season should contact us directly.