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New Micro Liquid Level Sensors


New Micro Liquid Level Sensors

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of micro liquid level sensors for use with fuels and oils.

Gill micro liquid level sensors use a completely new electronic platform, offering an approximate 50% space saving on our standard electronics and giving greater scope for reducing the overall size and weight of the sensor head. Full sensor weight can be as little as 25g, dependent on design.

Micro CarbonAs with all Gill liquid level sensors, the new micro sensors utilise advanced solid-state capacitive technology, with integrated electronics providing a fully configurable analogue output accurate to 0.5% of the tank depth. Each sensor is custom-designed to suit the specific application’s requirements to ensure optimum performance without the need to extensively modify existing system components.

The sensors typically feature titanium and carbon-fibre constructions to ensure the mass of the sensor is kept to a minimum. Sensor length can be as little as 20mm, allowing for precision monitoring of small reservoirs.

ST Aerospace UAV2

Micro UAV Fuel Level Sensor

The initial prototype micro sensors were displayed at AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America 2010 and generated substantial interest from UAV and SUAS integrators. The sensors’ compact size and low weight make them ideal for the feedback of fuel levels on airborne systems.

Environmentally protected to IP68, the sensors are suitable for full-submersion in aggressive fuels and oils and are rated for operation from -40ºC to +125ºC. Each sensor can be designed with integral connector or flying lead.

We will be adding the new micro sensors to our website shortly, with more images, specifications and documentation. For more information please contact us or visit the liquid level sensors section on our website.