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Download Position Sensor Technical Paper


Download our Technical Presentation on Induction position sensing with single coil elements

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For over 25 years, we have been perfecting our patented induction position sensing technology to improve the measurement performance in difficult EMI Environments, high temperature and where mechanical wear is an issue.

Our novel technology allows a single coil element to measure absolute position of an inert activator and to discriminate between the activator and certain other targets nearby. Accuracy and performance of the measurement can be matched to the application by use of multiple coil elements.

Download our technical presentation Inductive Position Sensing with Single Coil Elements Using Time Discrimination’ which discussed the key principles of our induction technology. Discover how utilising the technology can improve aspects of performance in demanding applications including, off-highway, process machinery and construction vehicles.

The presentation also covers:

  • How the single coil element uses time discrimination to make a robust measurement of activator position whilst rejecting other targets
  • How multiple coil elements and time discrimination can be used to improve various aspects of the performance of the measurement
  • How the technology can be applied to demanding harsh environments such as high temperatures and sensing through stainless steel pressure barriers (in comparison with other sensor technologies)
  • How the technology allows greater flexibility in the design of the application

Download Presentation or View on SlideShare.