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Application Note

Performance Improvements in a Brake Wear Sensor Used in Off-Highway Vehicle Brake Safety Systems

Absolute position sensing technology improves off-highway vehicle brake safety

Gill position sensors are used in off-highway braking systems for continuous, long-term reliable measurement. The range features linear, angular and rotary measurements, solid-state design and a measurement range from 20-60mm.

Performance improvements in a brake wear sensor used in off-highway vehicle brake safety systems

OEM benefit: Vehicle manufacturers desire continuous feedback in monitoring key safety related sub-assemblies. In this application, engineers are calculating the remaining brake pad life by continuously monitoring the current thickness of the brake pad friction material. This information is used in scheduling preventative maintenance activities and avoiding safety incidents. Unplanned machine down time and field repair expenses in earthmoving equipment are cost prohibitive. Today, this technology allows OEM’s to have high confidence, continuous feedback on this critical vehicle safety feature, avoiding expensive, unplanned repairs and to improve field “up time” performance.


Application challenge: To develop a reliable linear position sensor that is suitable for continuous monitoring of brake pad material thickness in a high pressure, high temperature, high vibration and contaminated environment typical of large construction (earth moving) vehicles.