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Level Sensors

Sensor developments on the grid

With motorsport generating some of the most punishing operating conditions, durable data acquisition from each sensor installed on a race car is crucial to ensuring race performance.

With over a decades’ experience in developing cutting-edge, non-contact liquid level and position devices, Gill Sensors now supply revolutionary sensors to WEC, INDYCAR and NASCAR championships, and every F1 race team.

Extreme environments 

Renowned worldwide for its fast-pace, tight tolerance and extreme operation, motorsport engineers and their drivers lay heavy reliance on the cars electronics to help deliver a race winning performance. Each liquid level and position sensor has to endure temperatures exceeding +100°C, 50g of shock in 60ms, high acceleration loads to 10Khz and the build-up of oil and dirt ingress encountered from racing at speeds of up to 350 km/h. Not only does the sensor have to withstand these severe operating conditions but they also have to deliver continuous real time measurement data while working to the narrowest of margins.

High temperature

Gill has recently developed a new generation of capacitive liquid level sensors with remote electronics to offer its unprecedented reliability and accuracy in operating temperatures up to +170°C, as a response to new F1 regulations requiring smaller engines. The smaller V6 engines feature a large turbo, causing some vehicles to generate high underbody temperatures, pushing other sensor types to the limits of their thermal operation range.

The core electronic circuitry of the new sensors has been separated into a high temperature sensor circuit located inside the sensor head and a remote mounted electronics module, which can be positioned up to half a metre away. The solid-state liquid level sensors are offered with fully customisable sensor heads, built to exact length and mounting requirements, and are compatible with oil, regular and ethanol based fuel types, perfect for the demanding motorsport applications. Offering +/-1% accuracy across a higher temperature, the sensors provide vital measurement data essential to determining race success and strategy.

Absolute position

In today’s cars the number of position sensors used to measure pedal position, gearbox shifting and suspension deflection is also increasing, along with evolving vehicle design reducing the space for measurement devices. The requirement for innovative sensor mounting options, housing design and greater resolution is becoming increasingly more important. Gill has designed bespoke non-contact sensors based on their patented induction technology to provide high accuracy and performance throughout the 2 hour on-track race time of each circuit, preliminary testing and the duration of multiple race series.

The new GSposition side rotary position sensor is ideal for measuring shaft position, twist grip throttle sensing and gearbox shafts.

Already offering customised sensors for most on-car applications, Gill has recently developed a new standard rotary sensor using its proven technology to answer the industry’s need for lightweight, streamlined devices suitable for restricted spaces.

The new GSposition side rotary position sensor provides an innovative way of measuring shaft position, ideal for twist grip throttle sensing and gearbox shafts. The sensor allows radial measurement and can be retrofitted to the side of the shaft when access to the end of the shaft is restricted. Offering 12 bit resolution, the rotary sensor produces absolute position feedback through 360° and provides a 300rpm speed of rotation as standard. Furthermore, the sensor is capable of achieving +1% accuracy and remains operational in temperatures from -40°C to +160°C.

Leading Design

Using in-house design, electronic and manufacturing facilities, Gill offers fully customised sensor and prototype design through effective project management services.

Gill‘s continuous work with the motorsport industry allows the company to produce creative, high-end technology and bespoke solutions in short lead times suited to specific application requirements.

For information on the new sensors please contact +44(0)1590 613400 or

Robust liquid level sensors for demanding applications

Gill’s capacitive liquid level sensors with remote electronic operates in higher temperatures

The GSposition side rotary position sensor is ideal for measuring shaft position, twist grip throttle sensing and gearbox shafts.