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WearDetect Oil debris sensor

Oil debris sensors, continuously monitoring ferrous wear

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Oil debris sensors, continuously monitoring ferrous wear

Oil debris sensor

WearDetect oil debris sensors have been proven in use by world-leading manufacturers, to provide the earliest warning of the initial stages of machine failure. WearDetect is primarily used in oil based systems, such as gearboxes, across manufacturing and also by operators of critical and remote equipment. WearDetect can be used for stand-alone measurement or integrated into a larger PLC or SCADA system.

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Oil debris sensor with display

Oil Debris Sensor with Display

Oil Debris sensor

Oil Debris Sensor

Oil debris sensor starter kit

Starter kit

WearDetect, oil debris sensors for continuous ferrous wear monitoring - more details

Designed & Manufactured by Gill Sensors & Controls in the UK, WearDetect oil debris sensors provide condition based monitoring that protects critical rotating assets by directly measuring ferrous wear within the equipment. 

WearDetect provides an earlier view of wear trends in vital equipment.  The sensor replaces the existing drain plug and wires into your existing PLC or SCADA system. Alternatively there is an ‘inflow’ adaptor to install the sensor in the oil flow line, before any filters. The sensor captures and measures fine wear and coarse failure ferrous particles in order to allow machine wear trend insights.

Output protocol options for WearDetect include digital outputs (Modbus and CAN) or analogue outputs (0-10V or 4-20mA). There is also a local visual alarm option. The sensors are designed to suit most data collection devices such as dataloggers, PLCs and ECUs

WearDetect sensors have no moving parts and as a result are extremely reliable and accurate.