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Dual Cavity position sensor


Position sensors

线性位置传感器 (1484)

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线性位置传感器 (1508)

Gill non-contact position sensors provide accurate and extremely robust position monitoring - more details

Designed & Manufactured by Gill Sensors & Controls in the UK, Gill non-contact induction position sensors detect the position of a metallic target (activator) mounted to or machined into the moving part of the application. There is no contact between the position sensor and the moving part, providing excellent long-term reliability.  

Gill Inductive Position Sensors are solid-state as well as fully sealed, making them highly suited to harsh environments. Inductive technology has a number of benefits over Hall-Effect sensors which rely on a magnet as the actuator, causing vulnerability to interference from magnetised metalwork and electronics which can compromise their performance. This susceptibility to magnetic interference is not shared by inductive sensors, making them particularly suited to the latest applications involving increasing numbers of electric motors. READ MORE 

Gill offers a range of standard position sensors but has the capability to produce prototypes, adaptions and small-batch custom position sensors in rapid timeframes and has state-of-the-art production facilities for high volume OEM supply. Customised position sensors can make use of existing electronics and sub-assemblies, packaged in a custom mechanical housing to match the space envelope and mounting arrangements available. Sensors can be tested by the customer often without high cost design and engineering programmes.

Environmental protection IP67 across the range.

Gill position sensors have no moving parts and as a result are extremely reliable and accurate.